Living It Up in Spokane, WA!

Hey all, we had a great day in Spokane yesterday! Take a peek at our photo diary of the morning…

7:15AM — Setting up for Thrive by Five‘s launch event for their new campaign called Love.Talk.Play. We had to set up EARLY because local TV station, KHQ was coming to interview Thrive by Five and show the community a little bit of The Not-Its! action…

7:45AM — We’re pretty set up by this point. The good people with Thrive by Five hooked bassist Nori up with a Love.Talk.Play bib for her new baby, Emy.

8:10 AMKHQ-TV was in the house!!!!!! We’re rocked it for them, playing a section of “First Kid in Outer Space” live.

8:20AM-9:45AM — The Not-Its! crew went to breakfast…don’t worry, we won’t show you pictures of that….

10:15AM — The party started in Spokane! This photo is during our song “Shadows”. We had these amazing girls (see white t-shirts below!!) being the shadow leaders with the younger girls. It was so awesome!

10:45AM — Sarah Shannon was still rockin’ out!

Thanks again, Spokane! We have some video footage from the performance–check back here soon to see it.

Until next time, Spokane!

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