We Are The Not-Its!

Meet The Not-Its!, A rockin’ band from Seattle making music for children and their parents. Their debut album, We Are The Not-Its!, took the kindie rock scene by storm, receiving a Fids & Kamily Music Award for one of the best family music albums of 2009—unprecedented for a freshman release. And with the buzz generated by their newest album Raise Your Hand, it’s clear they are on a mission to make kids dance, with up-tempo, power-pop hits families love.

Featuring the vocals of Sarah Shannon (of ‘90s Sub Pop band Velocity Girl), The Not-Its! combine crunchy guitars with smooth, four-part harmonies, all nestled within fantastic pop gems. The Not-Its! may also be the nation’s best-dressed kids’ band, sporting skinny pink ties and fluffy pink tutus that appeal to kids’ discerning fashion sense. Their high-energy stage performances are guaranteed to get audiences on their feet and jumping around with delight.

The Not-Its! continue to rock the socks off the greater Seattle area, as well as across the nation! Check out their website for a show near you… WeAreTheNot-Its.com


2 responses to “We Are The Not-Its!

  1. We saw them at the Point Defience Zoo during their Performance. They are Awesome according to my 7 year old. we had to buy their latest album of Tag, You’re it! We all love it in the house and car. As a mom The Not It’s are teaching lessons in a fun and entertaining way! I hope to be able to buy more of their cd’s for my daughter. Keep coming up with great songs!

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