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Are You Listening? – CD Release Celebration!

  Today we celebrated the release of our 6th album, Are You Listening?, with a FREE “sold out” show at The Vera Project and FREE cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes. Our good friend Nancy Guppy from the Seattle Channel’s Art Zone was there to introduce us. We couldn’t have wished for a better way to introduce this new album to the world!! 


Raise Your Hand!

We celebrated the release of our 5th CD, Raise Your Hand, today at the Vera Project! We held a book drive for Treehouse, had FREE cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes, and were joined by ParentMap who were hosting crafts and giving away books with cool family-friendly vacation ideas. We think that was a pretty fantastic way to welcome our new album into the world!



Mount Baker Kids, ROCK!


Today we played our last show for the Mount Baker Community Center’s Kids Rock Series, and it was a blast! The sun was shining and the kids were rockin’ out. A huge thank you to KEXP, Trophy Cupcakes, ParentMap, and PCC Kids for sponsoring the event. We look forward to next year’s season!!